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I am particularly fascinated by the interplay of duality that
exists. Exploring the contrasts between the physical and
spiritual, the conscious and unconscious, and the realms of
myth and reality, all are a source of inspiration for me. I find
solace in sacred spaces, be it a church, shrine, temple or
the cathedrals of the forest.
I work in both abstract and figurative painting.
Abstraction grants me the freedom to explore more
readily my subconscious and spiritual experiences
without the constraints of specificity. Colour evokes an
emotional response.
More recently, I have been captivated by the fragility of
nature , particularly by birds, I see in them a reflection of
our own vulnerability as humans. Through my art, I strive to
convey the delicate essence of these creatures, they
become mixed with the characters of certain people I
encounter. A kind of shamanic offering.
I use traditional techniques of gold leaf and hand made
paint on gesso panels, learnt whilst working with a picture
restorer. The careful rituals of construction I hope reflect a
reverence for the subject.

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